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Kenneth Bailey – Founder of Bailey Patent Services (BPS)Kenneth Bailey

For more than 30 years, Mr. Bailey has been involved in the development of cutting-edge technologies. Mr. Bailey is the founder of BPS and several other companies. He is also an entrepreneur and inventor.

Early Years

Mr. Bailey was born in Columbus Ohio with a brother and two sisters. He excelled in math, chemistry, and physics and was sent to a private college prep school for the social elite and gifted children at the Columbus Academy. Fellow students included the sons and daughters of:
  • W.R. Grace and Co.
  • Ross Twins – Mayo Clinic
  • Lazarus Department Stores
  • Schottensteins Department Stores
  • Red Roof Inn, Howard Johnsons Hotels
  • Singer Sewing Machines
  • U.S. Attorney General William Saxby  
  • U.S. Federal Prosecutor Joe Hartzler (Timothy McVeigh case)
  • Earned a Private Pilot's License at the age of 17


He enlisted in ROTC in college, and was trained at Fort Benning, Georgia and then at Fort Rucker, Alabama. He became a Huey Cobra Crew Chief (USAAVNS) and earned the rank of SP-5. Honorably Discharged.

Family History

Mr. Bailey's great uncles Harry and Frank Woods were Bankers from Ohio who founded Victor Colorado during the gold rush and held  $40 million in gold at the turn of the Century and founded Laguna Beach, California and owned half of the town until 1937. They were former Banking partners with John D. Rockefeller in Cleveland Ohio.

Ken's father was Regional Manager of the Chicago Main Post Office that was featured in the Batman movie. He was in charge of Post Office facilities in 22 States, including 240,000 postal workers. He was the President of The National League of Post Masters, and was appointed by John F. Kennedy. Ken's mother's best friend was Governor John Connelly's (Texas) sister Blanche Klein.

Chalmers P. Wylie, Ken's uncle, was in the U.S. Congress for thirteen terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Chalmers earned his Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School, and served as City Attorney of Columbus, Lt. Governor, and acting Attorney General. He was awarded a Silver Star for helping to evacuate wounded men from
a mine field under enemy fire near the Rhine River in 1945. He was also awarded a Bronze Star, the French Croix de Guerre and the Purple Heart, for being wounded by artillery fire while helping to rescue wounded soldier. The Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center in Columbus is named in his honor.

Ken's sister wrote the landing program for the Space Shuttle program while working at Loral. She now works for L-3 designing black box recorders. His brother invented non-volatility under a Nasa funded college fellowship program, and then went on to invent the Ferris D-Ram in wide use today in cellular phones and other hand held portable devices. Currently he is the chief design engineer at Texas Instruments. Ken's younger sister is Branch Manager of Bank of America.

Married Life

Ken was married to Dianne Winchell whose father was the co-founder of Warner and Swayze, the largest tool and
Die Company in the world and inventor of the Grade-All. His in-laws were great inventors who invented the neon sign, the peel back pencil eraser, the self-defrosting refrigerator, the sectioned ice cube tray, the super heterodyne radio, the 45 rpm record player, and all of the amusement park rides at the Gooding Amusement Parks. The brother was
a master ship builder who designed the Queen Mary and other large ships.

Professional Accomplishments

Rockwell International – Held Top Secret Clearances (Nike Zeus, Red Headed Road Runner Missiles, OV-10)

Professional Life

  • Started Arizona Video in Phoenix, Arizona (First Video Cassette Tape Distribution in US);
  • Chief Tech Tele-view, Inc. Encino California (owners Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra);
  • (First Motion Pictures Released to Homes simultaneous to local movie theaters);
  • Installed systems for 6 states to provide movies to apartment dwellers;
  • As featured on NBC 6:00 news feature story EASTER SUNDAY;
  • Partner – Hoosier Home Theater (off shoot of Tele-View, Inc. in Indianapolis);
  • General Manager - Baltimore Home Theater (First Wireless Cable TV in the USA);
  • Sales Manager – American Cable, Phoenix (First Wireless Cable TV on West Coast achieved 44,000 subs);
  • Founder - RSTV Technology Australia (First Wireless Cable TV in Australia –  had 2 licenses for every city);
  • (Acted as Paid Advisor to Kim Beasley Australian Minister of Communications on Pay TV);
  • Founder - Spectron (Produced and sold 180,000 Wireless Cable TV Receivers for U.S. and Australia);
  • Founder – North American Satellite Associates (Built and Sold 1000 15' Satellite Systems in Ohio & Florida);
  • Founder of V-Tel Communications (Sold three Patents to Australia, $2.5 million) Safe-Net Partner U.S.;
  • Founder of Virtual Phone, Inc. (Credit Card Phone Patent) Received order from Visa-Net $160 million;
  • (John Mackey, Baltimore Colts and Jack Kemp, San Diego Chargers on VFI Board);
  • Founder of Bio-Loop USA (First Point of Sale wireless terminal) Installed in London Black Taxis;
  • Co-Founder of Secure Logistix, Inc. (mm-wave Bio-Metric Identification to eliminate Identity Theft);
  • (Patents Valued at $13.5 million today);
  • Co-Founder of Clear-View Technology – The BAR MASTER;
  • Technology Innovator and CTO – Gold Hill Resources, Nevada (7 new patents created);
  • Bailey Technology Group – Create, Design, Patent, Proto-Type, License, Sell, Finance, New Technology.

Business Associates / Fellow Inventors

In the past Ken worked with fellow inventors and renowned individuals such as: Selwyn Lissack (inventor of Laserium, holograms, and special effects laser displays), Mad-Man Earl Muntz (inventor of the B&W televisions, 4 track car stereo, and the big screen), David Duncan (inventor of Pong I & Pong II mail order kits), David Barker (inventor of the first domestic satellite receivers), Shelly Howard (inventor of cruise control on American cars), Sol Heytow (inventor of the airport metal detector and wand detector), Martin Cooper (inventor of the cellular telephone), Vandenberg Mead (inventor of the plastic lens for eyeglasses), Jack Luskin (Luskins stores of Washington D.C.), Larry Flynn (United Video Founder and Uplink owner of WGN Chicago), Tom Chauncey (heir to the Wrigley family fortune by marriage).

Professional Organizations – IEEE, ARRL, UAVS

Use Your IP for Credit Enhancement

Now that the US Patent Office has introduced the "Fast Track" process, you may be issued a patent within 10 months of your initial filing, as opposed to the old two to three year process. Our customers can therefore be granted a patent in less than one year — have the patent independently appraised — and use the value of the IP for Credit Enhancement.

One of our recent clients needed to borrow $5 million dollars for growth, but the Company itself was only valued at $3 million dollars. By "Fast Tracking" a patent application they can gain a $5 million dollar asset valuation, and then their total value becomes $8 million dollars, so borrowing the much needed $5 million was no longer a problem.

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