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Many people and business owners might have a great business opportunity, but don't have the resources or the time to go any further. Many companies have the need to develop new products,but don't know how to move forward in a cost-effective manner.

Working with Bailey Patent Services (BPS), you will have a greater opportunity for your ideas to turn into inventions, get patent approvals, and become successful with the end product. As technology innovators, we can assist you in many different ways.

Unlike Patent Law firms, BPS does everything necessary at a much more affordable cost, including international patent services. BPS even offers funding, if needed. The services that BPS provides include, but are not limited to:

  • U.S. Patent Applications
  • International Patent Filings (all Countries)
  • World-Wide Trademark Services
  • Fast Tracking – Patents Issued in One Year
  • Fast Proto-Typing
  • Fast Production  
  • Funding Your Product Development
  • Factoring – Sales Orders
  • Q & A Testing
  • FCC Certifications
  • Credit Enhancement
  • Growth & Expansion Funding
  • Patent Valuations
  • Patent Licensing Services
  • Patent Selling Services

Secure Logistix Inc. – Innovative Biometric Technology

The End of Identity Theft!

This patent has been valued at: $13,500,000


Use Your IP for Credit Enhancement

Now that the US Patent Office has introduced the "Fast Track" process, you may be issued a patent within 10 months of your initial filing, as opposed to the old two to three year process. Our customers can therefore be granted a patent in less than one year — have the patent independently appraised — and use the value of the IP for Credit Enhancement.

One of our recent clients needed to borrow $5 million dollars for growth, but the Company itself was only valued at $3 million dollars. By "Fast Tracking" a patent application they can gain a $5 million dollar asset valuation, and then their total value becomes $8 million dollars, so borrowing the much needed $5 million was no longer a problem.

If this sounds familiar, we can help you too!



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