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2017 – Arno Vigen Scrunched Cube

2017 – Arc-Flashpoint Water Heater

2017 – Improved Body Scanning Device

2017 – Improved Means of Distilling Lithium from Brine Waters

2017 – Advanced Event Processor With Chip And Pin

2017 – Wind or Water Driven Electric Generator for Charging Portable Devices

2017 – Upper Body Fitness Device

2016, 2017 – Clip On Heart Monitoring Device

2014, 2015 – The "Selfie Doll"

2013 – Ornamental Antenna Design

2013 – Electronic Rotational Polarity Electromagnetic Array

2013 – Element Specific Receiving Antenna Utilizing Local Radio Stations

2013 – Multi-Channel Self Propelled Roll Up Antenna Array

2013 – Resistive EMF Detector System To Locate Oil And Gas Underground

2013 – Electromagnetic (EM) Sensor System Using Drone Technology To Survey Land

2013 – Drone Specific Landing Gear System For Rough Terrain

2013 – Spurious Emissions Flaps For F.C.C. Compliance of Ground Penetrating Radar

2013 – Ground Penetrating Radar – Focused Beams For Airborne Detections

2013 – Pulsed Power Booster Utilizing Improved Radiator System

2013 – Automated Drone Mission Control Flight System With Failsafe Abort

2013 – Remote Sensor and Wireless Remote Rough Terrain Rover

2013 – Laser Beam Pulsed Power Illuminator For Finding Gold Under Water

2013 – Gravitational Shift Sensor System For Locating Buried Treasure

2013 – Hybrid Drone Engines Utilizing HHO Gas Generator For Fuel Supply

2012 – Virtual recording studio

2011 – Value added transaction gateway for video clips

2011 – Mobile Movie Editing System

2011 – Cellular Multiscreen System

2011 – Safeguard System in the Prescription and Dispensing of Drugs

2011 – Automatic remote controlled hospital dispensing cart

2010 – Dual Ecu – Vehicles and Boat After Market Conversion of Oxy-Hydrogen

2009 – Remote Fed Advertising System for Point-of-Sale

2009 – System for Wirelessly Monitoring Inventory in the Dispensing of Items

2009 – Rescue Track and Locate Name Badge

2009 – System for Authenticating Drugs at the Time of Dispensing

2008 – Digital Data Compression in a Cellular Phone

2008 – Virtual Recording Studio

2008 – Video Transmission Over a Cellular Carrier

2008 – Cellular Phone with Personalization of Avatar

2008 – Interactive Puzzle Game Over a Portable Device

2008 – Value Added Transactiion Gateway for Video Clips

2008 – Multilingual Translation System Using Character Set

2008 – Virtual Entry Assistant Using Automated Greeter

2008 – Cellular Multiscreen System

2008 – Video Enhancement Internet Media Experience

2008 – Internet Media Experience Data Compression Scheme

2008 – Fly Buy Coupon System

2008 – Inventory Monitoring and Control Applications

2006 – Wrist Worn Portable Battery Charging System

2006 – Human Body Scanning Typing and Profiling System

2006 – Minutia Detection From Measurement of the Human Skull

2005 – Radiation Monitoring of Body Part Sizing and Use of Such Sizing for Person Monitoring

2004 – Plug In Credit Card Reader Module – Wireles Cellular Phone Verifications

2001 – Secure System Using Images of Only Part of a Body as the Key Where the Part Has Changing Features

2001 – Virtual Rear View Mirror Phone
1998 – Cellular Credit Card Phone

Use Your IP for Credit Enhancement

Now that the US Patent Office has introduced the "Fast Track" process, you may be issued a patent within 10 months of your initial filing, as opposed to the old two to three year process. Our customers can therefore be granted a patent in less than one year — have the patent independently appraised — and use the value of the IP for Credit Enhancement.

One of our recent clients needed to borrow $5 million dollars for growth, but the Company itself was only valued at $3 million dollars. By "Fast Tracking" a patent application they can gain a $5 million dollar asset valuation, and then their total value becomes $8 million dollars, so borrowing the much needed $5 million was no longer a problem.

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