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Typical patent consulting services include:

    Invention and Development Services – Determine if the invention is viable and how we can assist with value added services.

    Patentability Assessments – Prior art searches are performed in order to start the direction and category of invention.

    U.S. Patent Application and Prosecution – BPS can help you with the type of patent to apply for — provisional, non-provisional, design, utility, plant, etc.. We conduct every aspect of the patent prosecution, including; patent application filing, changes and amendments to the patent, artwork, graphics, autocad drawings, filing fees and interview preparation and responding to patent office requests. Failure to prepare a response of sufficient quality may result in the abandoning of the application.

    Provisional Patent – The Provisional Patent (PPA) allows for quicker patent approval — more cost effectively. Your patent may receive "Patent Pending" within 12 months.

    Non-Provisional Patent – These patents include: Design (protects the appearance); Utility (new process, device, tool or machine); Plant (new variety of plant species).

    Continuation-in-Part Patent – The Continuation-in-Part (CIP) patent application is an add-on to a previously filed patent.

    International Patent – This application is administered from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This patent or International Patent Co-Operation Treaty (PCT) allows patent protection in several countries, internationally.

    Divisional Application– This application allows you to claim priority from a previously filed patent (Parent Application) that containes more than one invention.

    Patent Strategies – Determine the types of services and strategize on the various steps needed to accomplish specific goals.

    Product Design and Prototyping – Assist with the design of prototype and resourcing potential manufacturing companies.

    Business and Marketing Consulting – Provide business development and marketing consulting services, which may include: writing business plans, presentations, websites, logo design, package design, marketing collateral (brochures, flyers, postcards, HTML email campaigns). We have a pool of available consultants and firms that we consult with.

    Technical Consulting Services – BPS offers technical consulting services to determine other uses for the invention and develop and identify these improvements and refinements.

    Fast Protyping – BPS can assist with prototype design and functionality. These services include: rapid protyping, machining, tooling, electronics and mechanical design.

    FCC Certification – BPS can help with the required verifcation testing and documentation necessary to submit to the FCC for certification.

    Patent Valuations – BPS can provide you with patent valuations, including: qualitative and quantitative valuations for your intellectual property.

    Copyrights – We have substantial experience in the preparation of copyright applications and in avoidance of the common pitfalls that can void the protection.

    Trademarks – BPS offers assistance in determining the availability of a word(s) or design, such as a trade name or logo, for designating the source of goods or services — domestic and international. If available, we can help seek a trademark or service mark registration, and trademark application.

Use Your IP for Credit Enhancement

Now that the US Patent Office has introduced the "Fast Track" process, you may be issued a patent within 10 months of your initial filing, as opposed to the old two to three year process. Our customers can therefore be granted a patent in less than one year — have the patent independently appraised — and use the value of the IP for Credit Enhancement.

One of our recent clients needed to borrow $5 million dollars for growth, but the Company itself was only valued at $3 million dollars. By "Fast Tracking" a patent application they can gain a $5 million dollar asset valuation, and then their total value becomes $8 million dollars, so borrowing the much needed $5 million was no longer a problem.

If this sounds familiar, we can help you too!


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